Building a knowledge sharing climate amid shadows of sabotage: a microfoundational perspective into job satisfaction and knowledge sabotage

Drawing on the microfoundations theory and rational choice sociology, this study aims to investigate knowledge sharing microfoundations through knowledge sabotage behaviours in the workplace. As such, it aims to shed light on the adverse impact of knowledge sabotage on a knowledge-sharing climate.


As a quantitative deductive study, it is based on information collected from 329 employees of European companies by self-administered online surveys. Data validity and reliability has been assessed through a confirmatory factor analysis, and data analysis was carried out by using a covariance-based structural equation modelling technique.


The findings from the empirical investigation supported the baseline hypotheses of the multilevel conceptual model, which is the positive relationship between organizational trust and environmental knowledge sharing. Then, recurring to a microfoundational exploration, this study supports the mediating indirect effect of job satisfaction and knowledge sabotage in affecting knowledge sharing as a social outcome.

Research limitations/implications

This study concurs to broaden knowledge-sharing awareness among scholars and practitioners, by focusing on knowledge sabotage as its most pernicious counterproductive behaviour. Furthermore, this research provides valuable guidance for the future development of research based on multilevel investigations.


This study builds on the need to explore the numerous factors that affect knowledge sharing in economic organizations, specifically focusing on knowledge sabotage. Adapting Coleman’s bathtub, the authors advance the first multilevel conceptual model used to unveil the knowledge sharing microfoundations from the perspective of a counterproductive knowledge behaviour.


knowledge sharing, knowledge sabotage, knowledge management, job satisfaction, trust, microfoundation, rational choice theory, knowledge-based view


Perotti, F. A., Rozsa, Z., Kuděj, M., & Ferraris, A. (2024). Building a Knowledge Sharing Climate Amid Shadows of Sabotage: A Microfoundational Perspective into Job Satisfaction and Knowledge Sabotage. Journal of Knowledge Management, ahead-of-print(ahead-of-print).

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